Decreased libido

What is decreased libido?

Decreased libido, or low sex drive, refers to a decrease in desire for or interest in sexual activity. There are many potential causes of low libido, ranging from lifestyle factors like stress or fatigue, to medical conditions, medications, or hormonal changes.

Some common causes of decreased sex drive include:

If you've noticed a persistent decrease in your libido or sex drive that is concerning to you, make an appointment to see your doctor. They can check for any underlying medical or hormonal causes and recommend potential solutions.

At Vitality Hormone Center, we specialize in treating decreased libido and sexual health concerns related to hormonal imbalance in both men and women. Our expert physicians will thoroughly assess your symptoms, order necessary lab testing, and develop a customized treatment plan that addresses the root causes of your low sex drive. We offer cutting-edge bioidentical hormone therapy, nutrition plans, stress reduction techniques and relationship counseling when needed. Vitality Hormone Center uses an integrative approach focused on restoring optimal hormonal balance and reigniting your passion and intimacy. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Some lifestyle changes that may help boost libido include:

The bottom line is that decreased libido is a complex issue that can stem from hormonal, physical, emotional and relationship factors. If low sex drive is ongoing and distressing, seek medical advice to uncover potential causes and find the right solutions for your needs. With compassionate care and safe, effective treatment approaches, decreased libido can often be improved or resolved.

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