Decreased muscle mass

What is decreased muscle mass?

Loss of muscle mass, also known as sarcopenia, is a common condition associated with aging, but can happen at any age. It involves the gradual loss of muscle tissue, leading to less strength, mobility issues, increased risk of injury, and reduced quality of life.

Some key points about decreased muscle mass:

Fortunately, the rate of muscle mass decline can be reduced with targeted lifestyle strategies:

Visiting a hormone health clinic is prudent as well. The experts at Vitality Hormone Center provide full testing services and customized treatment plans to target decreased muscle mass at the hormonal level with the latest therapies.

With a holistic plan, you can maximize muscle retention and function well into older age. Although some loss over decades is normal, you can absolutely reduce the rate and impact through lifestyle factors and medical optimization from reputable men’s health providers like Vitality Hormone Center. Commit today to take control of your muscle health.

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