What is irritability?

Irritability is defined as feelings of anger, aggravation, or impatience, typically in response to small provocations. It involves a low threshold for frustration that results in episodes of anger, hostility, arguing, tantrums, or verbal aggression.

Some key characteristics of irritability include:

Irritability differs from normal anger by being more frequent, intense, and triggered by small frustrations. It becomes problematic when it severely impacts relationships, work/school performance, or overall well-being.


Irritability can stem from various sources, including:


If severe or persistent irritability is impacting daily functioning, see a doctor or mental health professional. They can check for underlying issues and provide personalized management strategies, such as:

The key is identifying potential root causes of irritability through comprehensive evaluation and creating an individualized treatment plan to restore emotional equilibrium. Reach out today to learn more about science-backed solutions.

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