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What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that is important for both physical and mental health. This vital hormone plays key roles in body and brain development throughout life.

Some key functions of testosterone include:

Diagnosing low testosterone is important, as 5-20% of men over age 60 may have deficient levels. Symptoms include low energy, reduced muscle mass, increased body fat, loss of libido, and erectile dysfunction. Blood tests by knowledgeable physicians like those at Vitality Hormone Center can accurately measure testosterone and help create tailored treatment plans for any hormonal imbalances or deficiencies.

Testosterone replacement therapy via gels, injections, pellets or patches may effectively and safely treat low levels in some men. However, testosterone therapy has some risks and isn’t right for everyone. Thorough lab testing and oversight from an experienced hormone doctor is essential.

The board-certified hormone specialists at Vitality Hormone Center offer cutting-edge testosterone and hormonal testing, therapy, and ongoing monitoring to help men optimize energy, strength, endurance and quality of life. Contact Vitality Hormone Center today for a consultation!

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